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Blow J

26 06 2008

Now this is how it’s done. Plus I think he has a cute face at the end.

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    13 responses to “Blow J”

    26 06 2008
    Anonymous (05:11:59) :

    If only every blow job were so well done!

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    Troy Reply:

    @AMEN !,

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    26 06 2008
    fireguard (08:38:36) :

    OMG that was VERY hot, does anyone know what film it came from.

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    26 06 2008
    shawn (15:55:56) :

    nice!!! hes got good head abilities

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    26 06 2008
    Anonymous (21:21:42) :

    where did this come from? i am speechless

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    28 06 2008
    johno (09:52:17) :

    Wow that man knows how to do it…and his eyes mmmmmmmmmmmm

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    30 06 2008
    Anonymous (19:22:24) :

    He seems to be enjoying that beautiful piece of meat. To bad a little cum did not give him some additional pleasure.

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    1 07 2008
    prairie828 (04:39:08) :

    Not only is he agreat cocksucker, he is SO HOT!!

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    1 07 2008
    Dave (07:19:52) :

    He’s a great cock sucker, but how could you not suck such a beautiful cock so well. fucking hot vid.

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    24 10 2008
    The Banana Blog | BJ (01:51:35) :

    [...] Related Video: Blow J [...]

    16 02 2011
    joey (20:30:25) :

    baby sucks a mean cock

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    14 11 2011
    aluv4men (08:53:02) :

    RT @thebananablog: Blow J

    15 12 2011
    Seadon (00:54:58) :

    would you suck my cock?!

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