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The ummm, contortionist

23 04 2008

Lucky Bastard! :-) Can you do this!?

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    22 responses to “The ummm, contortionist”

    24 04 2008
    Anonymous (08:06:44) :

    OMG! Would love 2 b able 2 do that! Any more of this guy? Where is this from?

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    25 04 2008
    andy (01:00:24) :

    I love selfsuck. I gotta publish more, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

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    26 04 2008
    Anonymous (11:06:13) :

    Fuck he’s good. I wish I could do that. post more please!

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    28 04 2008
    Anonymous (03:57:11) :

    HOT! HOT! HOT!

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    23 07 2008
    Anonymous (04:14:39) :

    its fake.. its two guys in a 69. try to look at the leftmost part of the vid, you’ll see a water-image moving.

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    3 11 2008
    brian (15:59:02) :

    wish I could do it. HOT!

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    28 11 2008
    Anonymous (18:32:44) :

    Had an ex who could do this….I’d fuck him while he was sucking himself off. Quite hot. If the sex was the only part of the relationship..we might still be together

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    12 04 2009
    nude contortionist (15:02:38) :

    One sexy position! [hitit]

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    26 06 2009
    engdonn (07:35:04) :

    Id just love to eat his ass while he does that mmmmmmmmm

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    9 02 2010
    Anonymous (21:48:21) :

    i can!

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    peepee Reply:

    @, really guy
    asian guy

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    13 03 2010
    kull (08:08:21) :

    Oh my got!!!! gratulation

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    18 09 2010
    mike (07:58:28) :

    that would make a hot porno. Guy gets fucked while sucking his own cock.

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    10 06 2011
    mike (20:38:09) :

    Have you heard this one -
    ( I know, it’s an old one !?!, but I like it. )

    Two buddies just chillin’ in the back yard;

    “nice dog, man. mmm. . . i wish i could do that!”

    “well, if ya’ pet’m real nice, he’d prolly let ya!!”

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    15 07 2011
    THE SELFSUCKER (00:02:49) :

    I AM THE SELFSUCKER.. and it is real.. im on many sites online.. and got many videos.. the reason my vid looks like that is cause i made it when i was 18 and had really cheap camera i made it with.. im on and usually on yahoo messenger a lot.. but it aint fake.. tired of people saying that shit.. lol its like not as impossible as most people think.. i been doing it since i was 11. thats why its easy.

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    Anonymous Reply:

    @THE SELFSUCKER, You rock i want your email

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    Primaryman Reply:

    @THE SELFSUCKER, What is your username on Would love to see more…

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    28 09 2011
    John Perry (04:22:02) :

    THIS GUY. Would love to fuck him at the same time :)

    8 08 2012
    Damian (05:42:47) :

    hasta hoy pensaba que ser versatil tenia algo que ver con esto

    9 08 2012
    24 11 2012
    mel (01:33:35) :

    RT @thebananablog: The ummm, contortionist

    5 01 2014
    joe (03:22:19) :

    my bf used to be able to self suck. it’s funny because he said while his parents just thought he was doing homework or painting he was usually sucking his own dick and taking pictures of his own dick in his mouth or his cum all over his face. he told me that story and my dick got instantly hard

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