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Skinny and Thick

22 04 2008

One of my favorite vids from the xtube star!

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    14 responses to “Skinny and Thick”

    22 04 2008
    Anonymous (03:11:20) :

    I would love to sit on that.

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    22 04 2008
    Anonymous (04:15:17) :

    what is his xtube username? and are there more videos?

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    22 04 2008
    loving him (15:43:40) :

    oh my god. i would love to sit on that. he’s so cute and that dick…enormous. im drooling

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    23 04 2008
    Anonymous (08:37:23) :

    If he worked out he would be a god

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    23 04 2008
    al (22:31:17) :

    Hey guys…he is ‘sagi’ on xtube.

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    24 04 2008
    Anonymous (15:10:48) :

    what an amazing cock!!! I’m loving to suck it!

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    26 04 2008
    Anonymous (00:55:02) :

    the only thing hotter than his cock is the Pj Harvey song playing in the background!!

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    17 07 2008
    markk (02:30:40) :

    i hate the music on his videos- always turn the volume off hahaha

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    28 01 2009
    ostrich09 (08:33:59) :

    you have impecable taste what i dont find sexy i find amusing yet you are always changing exceptional job and thanks for all the great fun

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    26 07 2009
    mcraddict999 (22:04:49) :

    He has the perfect body and cock, just effing flawless!!!!

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    8 02 2010
    MartyW (16:23:02) :

    WOW that is a time killer!!

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    12 05 2010
    Ella ShinyGirl (11:02:12) :

    Undoubtfully great article u got here. I’d like to read a bit more about such theme. Thank you for posting this information.

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    15 06 2010
    bluebug (20:17:42) :

    What a cock!!To worship!

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    18 02 2011
    Anonymous (01:20:39) :

    Omg he is sooooooo cute…and damn that’s a huge cock

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