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Wanking on Train

12 04 2008

Perhaps it’s the thrill!?

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    19 responses to “Wanking on Train”

    12 04 2008
    SkinDick (21:30:56) :

    I want this lad to come to Chicago where we can sit facing each other in the upper seats in a traincar and whack ourselves into oblivia !

    HOT little man !

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    13 04 2008
    dieudustade (01:58:00) :

    yeah, i like that cock !

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    13 04 2008
    Junior in Jamaica (05:40:06) :

    That was really nice. Wish he was on Xtube. That was hot. Too bad he didn’t finish. ;)

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    15 04 2008
    Anonymous (12:23:47) :

    Wish I was there, he would’ve finished in my mouth

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    16 04 2008
    Anonymous (12:48:34) :

    That is so hot. Love public wanking. Hot man with a hot cock.

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    18 04 2008
    Roy (06:36:55) :

    What a cutie – love it when he pulls up his top exposing his abs – then he pulls out that beautful cock – I would love to have been there, sucked him and tasted his sweet spunk mmmmm

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    18 04 2008
    jackall (16:28:49) :

    AHHH!! The virtues of public transport !!

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    29 04 2008
    munkypunk (00:47:52) :

    Unbelievably HOT! Can you imagine coming across that. Would have been a nice load, I’m sure

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    30 04 2008
    k (14:56:09) :
    28 05 2008
    blasthorns (22:14:45) :

    WOW, take it easy big boy, my mouth is coming to hide that if you are catched.
    send me more big boy…lets trade

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    15 06 2008
    Anonymous (11:15:27) :

    Wow! This guy has everything, including courage. Why can’t I sit accross from him on the trains I use?

    He deserves a medal or a knighthood. The order should be “The Knights of St Wankit”

    I just wish he’s got to his climax though

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    28 07 2008
    rocfort (18:25:38) :

    Incredible! good looking, nice big cook and sexy on top of that. Next time, shoot your juice on your belly. I’m new to this site.i’ll sure be back.

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    21 05 2009
    Jaymes (10:12:41) :

    Hey dude, You got me hard as and now I want to get out there and pull out my big cock on a train. Makes me so damn hard. Love to see u do a movie with u cuming on the train seat or window. thanks for a hot time brave dude.

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    23 08 2009
    Lance (23:56:39) :

    I wondered at the mixed messages of this vid. The way he was looking around so apprehensively meant he had some worry at getting caught. So? What is the penalty, throwing him off a high speed train? If he wanted to cum, why not go to the lav? If he wanted to exhibit, why not just wank away? Since he came out hard at a moment's notice, he really must have been thinking about it ahead of the video shoot. Of course, we see his cock up close, somewhat enlarged in the camera's perspective, I suppose, but a generous sized member nonetheless. Too bad, he had such a tussle getting unpackaged, before flogging the log. Too bad he did not exercise the full treatment. Thanks.

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    26 02 2010
    Tennisbld4u (21:50:43) :

    That is one beautiful man and one beautiful penis. Wish I could have hopped in the seat next to him. Then ON him!

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    14 07 2011
    julian (07:56:30) :

    deffinately sexy except for the finger sniffing part 1:10 lol what the hell was that about? otherwise I got my jollies :D

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    29 07 2012
    michael belovoskey (18:43:46) :

    I like that cock

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    25 08 2012
    miauw (09:08:29) :

    FUCKIN ‘ELL!!!!!!!

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    30 05 2013
    Cazzogreco (06:00:41) :

    Un segreto eccitamento che, nella sua riservatezza e paura, ha portato all’erezione di un cazzo veramente duro. A very very BIG COCK

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