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Hot Ass

22 03 2008

Check out the ass on this dude.

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    9 responses to “Hot Ass”

    23 03 2008
    Flipper (14:03:55) :

    That was really hot, especially when he raised his legs.
    Great blog, I love it.
    Please contact me if you’d like to exchange links.

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    24 03 2008
    Anonymous (23:19:12) :

    Unbelievable butt. Wow. I could rim and ride that all day long. Beautiful!

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    25 04 2008
    Nick (12:35:39) :

    Baby come to my flat

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    8 06 2008
    Anonymous (15:49:17) :

    Lucious! I love slutty boys who need their hot ass fucked.

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    14 12 2008
    Anonymous (11:38:34) :
    19 07 2009
    anon (19:06:03) :

    im going crazy where can i contact him???? is there a link 2 this video?????

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    matt Reply:

    @anon, tonybubble on

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    27 07 2011
    Emma (04:54:21) :

    This is way more hlfpeul than anything else I’ve looked at.

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    29 05 2012
    nick (02:15:08) :


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