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Appreciation: The VPL

3 03 2008

Visible Penis Lines:


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    5 responses to “Appreciation: The VPL”

    4 03 2008
    Anonymous (22:17:19) :

    DAMN! definitely a horny post!

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    6 03 2008
    Jas (21:26:51) :

    Hi and first thanks for your great blog. I do love the pictures, you have great taste in men! Anyway I also have a few blogs and as yours is one of my favs I have a link to it on my sites. Would be great if you could reciprocate and link back. I’ll do a post about your blog if you like to send you traffic. Be great to hear from you either way have a good day, all best, Jas PS apologies for posting as comment but couldn’t find email link

    Finally if you would like to be added to my feedlist please visit

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    23 04 2008
    Anonymous (15:35:09) :

    Lol, “Sac City”

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    2 09 2008
    budgieboy (01:15:37) :

    love the pole vaulter. 2 great poles there!

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    5 03 2011
    speedo-zele (05:12:54) :

    great pictures, more like these please

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