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Cell Mates by Josman

3 09 2007

Check out this hot erotic comic strip by Josman. [view left -> right]

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    5 responses to “Cell Mates by Josman”

    7 09 2007
    Anonymous (00:14:54) :
    24 03 2008
    Jim S. (20:12:23) :

    Great! “Cellmates’ is fantastic. Just the kind of sttuff I love! Keep it coming…or….cumming!!!

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    15 05 2008
    Hey there (13:00:49) :

    Hey…this is the comic series for the vids ”More Military (10)
    Hey there: Totally agree with Anonymous that anal is not a sex organ, thus doing that is weird enough. Besides, if he… ”…

    The ;;more military,the recent vids is like the actual vids for this comic strip…lol” They let them fuck because they are horny as hell! Horniness kills man!

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    15 05 2008
    al (18:21:19) :

    >> Ha Ha you know what, you’re right! This series would fit the Active Duty vids perfectly :-)

    Especially the most recent post “Potty Mouth”


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    14 07 2009
    pierce (13:12:35) :

    HOt and HOT

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