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“Bare” With Me

20 04 2014

tumblr_mt3il2mclr1seup7no1_500 Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that although the blog is still being updated weekly, I’ll be getting back to routine and more frequent updates very soon. Plus I’m excited to continue working on and unveiling some new things too!

For those that don’t know I’m finishing up my bachelors degree and there is just under two weeks left (as of this post) until I’m completely done! Unfortunately, those last two weeks mean 5 finals, 3 reports, and a few other little things that are making my life a bit hectic and crazy right now. The best part though – I’m graduating among the top of my class and w/ honors (yay!).

Luckily for all of you there is plenty around here to keep you occupied even in my slight absence at times. E.g. My Twitter, YouTube Collection, XXX Directory, etc. (all can be found on the right sidebar menu.)

**I will also be caught up on emails and KIK soon as well. Therefore, if you haven’t received a response. Expect one shortly.

~ A soon to be stress(less) free AL.

[VIDEO] Oh, what is a post without a video to go along with it:

Sticking with the whole college theme, here is my theory (or fantasy) about what goes in frat houses more than you’d think. Especially on those drunken nights when a mouth is a mouth – or in this case, an ass is an ass.

“Bare” With Me   The Banana Blog

The Pounding – We Aren’t All Built The Same

18 04 2014

Before you disparage the bottom in this one, remember we aren’t all built the same. So if you like, focus on the top because that ass and the pounding he gives is hot as hell and the reason that I think this clip is so hot!

Just watching him pound from the back is enough for me.

Screenshot 2014-04-18 at 1.03.46 AM

A Mind Of Its Own?

15 04 2014

Awww – I just love when a guy gets caught in public with a raging erection. Even a semi-erection is hot. However, it’s even hotter when they nonchalantly play with it when they think no one is looking. Kinda like the “Rubbing it on the Eurorail” post.

Check out the “Related Videos” attached to this post. Perhaps it’s a bus or train thing. That seems to be the place where I find these videos are captured the most often.

Note to self: Sell car. Ride bus.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 6.01.28 PM

JJ Handler and Jayden

11 04 2014

I recently joined a site called Southern Strokes all because of one video. You can check out a preview of it below. It’s hot but it doesn’t begin to show you just how hung the top is! I don’t see how the bottom wasn’t screaming at the top of his lungs!

You can see the full clip on Southern Strokes.

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 7.15.11 PM

Full Description (Southern Strokes): Anyone that knows our boy Jayden Ellis, knows that he loves himself and big cock. If fact, Jayden is one of those boys that loves his sex ruff, hard, deep complete with a reward at the end. After meeting JJ Handler at the Ranch, Jayden couldn’t wait to be on the receiving end of JJ’s uncut cock.

Jayden laid on the bed and worshiped JJ’s shredded body with is tongue and mouth, kissing his abs and working his way down to JJ’s big black cock. JJ made Jayden deep throat his swelling cock until Jayden wiped the tears from his eyes as he gladly asked for more.

JJ wrapped his big uncut cock and put Jayden on all fours and made him take it from behind. Jayden begged for more as JJ slapped his ass and grabbed the back of his neck making him take it deeper and harder. JJ was just getting going so Jayden didn’t know that he was in for a long ass raping.

JJ put Jayden on his back and held his legs open wide and pumped him full of his black uncut piece of meat. Our black Southern stud JJ aggressively fucked Jayden slapping him around a little bit to make sure that Jayden knew who was in charge. After wrecking his hole for a good hour or more, JJ fucked the cum out of Jayden before he fed Jayden his gallon of chocolate milk.

Updated: Something From Me (#2)

11 04 2014

Hey guys,

Just FYI – after months of being down, the second video of me that I originally uploaded last year has been fixed/re-uploaded. If you care or have never seen it, you can find it by clicking the image below.

I know the next question is when am I going to shoot another one? :-) Answer: I’m not sure yet – I want to do something “different” than the other two. Plus, it’s semester end so things have been pretty busy lately. Perhaps I’ll do one more jerk off clip in the university bathroom before I graduate! Only 3 more weeks left!

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 4.24.58 PM

Note: If you follow me on Twitter I do at times tweet out dirty personal pics. If you don’t follow The Banana Blog you can do so by clicking “Follow” below.

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The Girth and…The Tenga?

5 04 2014

This post focuses on two things: The first (and obvious) one is the dick. I mean, check out that girth!

The second starts at the 00:50 mark. I thought I’d seen just about every sex toy there was, but apparently I missed one. I’ve got to keep my head out of the school books and on to things that really matter. Odd looking male sex toys with celebrity endorsements!

Btw, don’t Google image search the terms “dick girth”! Some pretty nasty looking medical pictures come up :(

Why doesn’t Google know I’m only wanting to see big girthy dicks like the one in this video!? Now that I think about it, perhaps “big girthy dicks” would have yielded better results.

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 7.13.39 PM

The Tongue Fu*k

5 04 2014

There is “rimming” and then there is “tongue fucking”. Here is a perfect example of the latter. I think those of you that have received or love to give a nice tongue fuck will surely appreciate this one :)

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 7.02.09 PM

Sun Tan Oil or Lube?

2 04 2014

I would imagine if I went to a nude beach I’d get pretty horny. This might be even more provoked as I rub sun tan oil all over my body (while overly paying special attention to my dick and balls) as the sun beats down on me.

Of course I’m not talking about myself, I’m talking about the guy in the video below. I wonder at what point does the dude in the background notice him. Perhaps he does and just doesn’t care. There is no cumshot but he gets pretty down and dirty at one point lol.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 1.39.19 PM

Hanging in the Glory Hole

2 04 2014

As much as I love watching a man receive a good blow job, I don’t normally care much for gloryhole vids unless the cocksucker (sorry, lack of a better term) is doing an unbelievable job or the dick poking through the hole is just too hot not to stare it. This one has both of those things, plus an awesome cum shot at the end.

Hmm, I just thought about something – I’ve never been in a glory hole before. …Let’s add that to today’s tasks. Note: If my bf reads this: “I’m just kidding babe. You are my glory hole” :)

Glory Hole Dick Sucking
Click image for video

There’s Something About…Morgan Black

30 03 2014

This is the first post exclusively dedicated to porn star Morgan Black. There is just something about Morgan that I find irresistibly hot.

In his Rent Boy (yes, you can rent him) he says he’s the “strong, silent type”. I completely get that. In the few movies I’ve seen him in, he doesn’t really seem to say or do much. But that “manly” look, piercing blue eyes, and cute smile as he gets fucked win me over every time.


#cockinasock – Better Late Than Never

28 03 2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 9.36.54 PMI realize I’m a little late in blogging about the #cockinasock viral campaign on instagram (probably because I don’t use instagram). If you haven’t heard about it over the last few days, it’s for male cancer research with money being raised for Cancer Research UK.

As Buzzfeed put it: “If you don’t have a cock, a sock, or you’re just not down with taking pictures of your penis in a sock, then you can help by donating to cancer research at this page.”

“Vintage” College Locker Room

26 03 2014

Whenever I get a chance to chat with some of you guys I always make a point to ask you what type of porn do you like – specifically, which type of posts do you enjoy the most? I ask this because TBB is filled with a lot of random porn that I find online and for whatever reason(s) consider it “blog-worthy”. Knowing what you like helps me be on the lookout for similar things to post (as long as I actually like them!)

What have I learned from asking this question? You all like as many random things as I do. However, I must say the “Hidden Locker Room” vids are the most mentioned.

So here is one that I recently came across. I’m posting this one because it has a more “vintage” look to it (though I’m not actually sure what year it was made). Oh, the guy playing with his dick at the end made it blog-worthy :)

Vintage Hidden Locker Room


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